Transforms and Applications Handbook

Transforms and Applications Handbook
Author : Alexander D. Poularikas
Publisher : CRC Press
Total Pages : 911
Release : 2018-09-03
ISBN 10 : 9781420066531
ISBN 13 : 1420066536
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Updating the original, Transforms and Applications Handbook, Third Edition solidifies its place as the complete resource on those mathematical transforms most frequently used by engineers, scientists, and mathematicians. Highlighting the use of transforms and their properties, this latest edition of the bestseller begins with a solid introduction to signals and systems, including properties of the delta function and some classical orthogonal functions. It then goes on to detail different transforms, including lapped, Mellin, wavelet, and Hartley varieties. Written by top experts, each chapter provides numerous examples and applications that clearly demonstrate the unique purpose and properties of each type. The material is presented in a way that makes it easy for readers from different backgrounds to familiarize themselves with the wide range of transform applications. Revisiting transforms previously covered, this book adds information on other important ones, including: Finite Hankel, Legendre, Jacobi, Gengenbauer, Laguerre, and Hermite Fraction Fourier Zak Continuous and discrete Chirp-Fourier Multidimensional discrete unitary Hilbert-Huang Most comparable books cover only a few of the transforms addressed here, making this text by far the most useful for anyone involved in signal processing—including electrical and communication engineers, mathematicians, and any other scientist working in this field.

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